Every once in awhile, I sit in my office (1233 NW Lovejoy) and rock out (Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk) and look at nifty houses. Then, I show the extraordinary ones to you!

I have a major “thing” for converted churches. I’m not really sure why, but stone and stained glass just makes my black little heart go pitter pat.

Here’s one of the prettiest church conversions I’ve ever seen. I really, really want this house. I really wish I had a million dollars literally) to buy it!

St Nicholas church is Kyloe, Northumberland, England and was built in 1792 and deconsecrated in the 80′s. It’s a renovated church, with the exterior remaining mostly intact! The master bedroom is in the apse and the kitchen is in nave. Can’t you imagine waking up bathed in the colors of the glass?

Outside, there is an ancient cemetery that looks out over sheep in a meadow!


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